Home Inventory Lists

I know what you’re thinking. Who makes an inventory of everything they own? What may seem like a useless item, a home inventory list is actually one of the most important, essential possessions you will own. Here’s why and how … Continued

Jewelry, Guns, Fine Art, Antiques

Did you know that on your homeowner’s policy you usually have a specified limit on jewelry, guns, silverware or coins? So what do you do if you have items that are worth more than the policy limit? You can add … Continued

Am I Covered if There is an Earthquake?

If you don’t choose to add earthquake coverage on your homeowner’s policy, the answer is NO!!! We are seeing more and more earthquakes these days. A lot of people believe that if there is an earthquake then they will be … Continued

What Does Your Homeowners Policy Cover?

Your home Insurance has 4 parts. Coverage A – or dwelling coverage that is your house and everything permanently attached to it such as an attached porch, attached deck, sometimes it can even be a fence that is secured to … Continued

Homeowners Secrets

We all have either been through a homeowners claim, know someone who has, or heard the horror stories. It’s only during these times we find out what is or is NOT covered under the policy. Not the best time to … Continued

The Secret is Revealed, What are the Biggest Insurance Discounts

Everyone wonders how insurance companies calculate rates for their customers. Have you ever questioned why some people pay close to nothing while others pay extraordinary amounts? Well, here is a brief list of some of the largest discounts available.