Auto Coverage Crash Course

Have you ever taken a look at you insurance policy? When your renewal offer comes in the mail, do you just check to make sure the price didn’t increase and then file it away in a cabinet or drawer? What … Continued

Coverage Options You Need to Know About

When shopping for insurance, everyone wants to maximize their insurance dollars. At the same time, insurance professionals in hopes to acquire new business strive to offer potential and current clients the lowest rates. While receiving a great bargain is the … Continued

Comparing Car Insurance Companies

With everyone struggling to save some money here and there, your car insurance costs are a great place to start. It’s now easier than ever, using the internet, to compare quotes and coverage options from several companies without ever leaving … Continued

Auto Insurance Mistake – Don’t Drive Without It

Auto insurance may be a hard pill to swallow, especially in tough economic times. However, the risks and consequences of driving without even low cost auto insurance far outweigh the savings.  Before you decide that you will drive without auto … Continued

Liability Insurance Explained

There are Two Types of Liability Insurance: Fact! In regards to liability insurance, there are two types: bodily injury and property damage. Most drivers carry both types of coverage. Liability coverage is important because it protects you when you are … Continued

Why I Listen to Customers!

In my professional opinion, having a sales agent that listens is the most important part of the buying process for a consumer. It has been said customers don’t know what they want, but I don’t believe that at all! I’ve found that … Continued

Benefits of Bundling Home & Auto Coverage

Shopping for every one of your insurance needs – vehicle, home, boat etc. – is work in itself. Trying to keep up with whom to pay and when – you would have to be a real accountant. Bundling your insurance … Continued

What to Do if You’re in an Accident?

When you are involved in an auto accident it can be very overwhelming. You can’t avoid everything but you should be prepared for anything.  If you have never been in an accident, you may be unsure as to what to … Continued

Why You Need Insurance

Insurance manages risks, or loss, that can occur when least expected. When you purchase insurance, you are paying a fee, or premium, for the insurer to take on the cost of any potential loss.