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I have been a licensed insurance professional specializing in both home and auto insurance for the past 17 years. Licensed in 30 states, I take great pride in being able to provide insurance options that are specific to every customer’s needs. I strive to deliver a great customer experience, while providing guidance so my customers are able to make the best decisions regarding their insurance needs.

Relocating? A Few Things to Consider When it Comes to Your Auto Insurance Policy

Moving is stressful. There are boxes to pack, phone calls to make, and expenses to budget. One thing you will want to add to your to-do list is letting your auto insurance company know you will be moving. You don’t want to call them at the last possible minute only to find out the rate has increased beyond your allowable budget or that your current insurance company can’t even continue to provide coverage based on your new area. Here are a few things to consider about your auto insurance policy when you move. Read the full article…

Is Rental Vehicle Coverage Necessary?

If you’ve ever found yourself at the counter of a car rental company, you are familiar with the supplemental protection they try to sell you on. What they won’t tell you is that you probably don’t need it. The collision/loss damage waiver they offer alone can cost $20 a day! Most times, your auto policy overage will extend to a vehicle you are renting. Let’s take a look at what coverage they offer and what you may already have that offers the same thing. Read the full article…

Saving Money on Your Insurance Policy

I don’t know about you, but I love saving money on things I don’t like paying for. I know, no one likes paying for anything, but the way I see it, there is a definite difference in paying for a vacation versus paying an electric bill. Or gasoline. Or taxes. Or insurance. Speaking of the latter, you might just be paying too much for yours. Now, you could check with different companies to make sure you are getting the lowest cost, but you could also save money just by reviewing what you already have.

With insurance, there is potential for big savings because the companies often change the way they rate policies and the types of discounts they offer. It is especially important that you review your rate if you have had a policy for a rather long time without having a policy review.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you could be saving money on your insurance policy. Read the full article…

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Let’s Keep it Together: Driving Tips for All Seasons

No matter the location, every driver has to deal with inclement weather. Whether it be snow, ice, fog, rain, wind, etc., these conditions make it important for you to acquire some additional skills to keep you, and the other drivers you share the road with, safe.

Although the best thing would be to keep off the roads if inclement weather is imminent or occurring, that is not always practical or possible. Here are some tips for when you find yourself behind the wheel during not so ideal weather conditions. Read the full article…

Let’s Fill the Gap – Gap Insurance 101

Gap insurance, also known as Guaranteed Auto Protection or Guaranteed Asset Protection, is one of those coverages you won’t realize what a lifesaver it is until you need it. Unless you have experienced a total loss of a vehicle, you are probably unsure exactly what it covers. In the event you have a financed vehicle that is declared a total loss in a claim, gap insurance will pay the difference between what your vehicle is worth and what you owe on your car loan at the time. Read the full article…

When it Rains, it Pours: An Overview of the Umbrella Policy

Before getting into whether or not an umbrella policy is right for you, let’s first discuss what an umbrella policy actually is. Think of it as extra protection beyond what your homeowners and/or automobile policy liability coverage will handle.

Suppose you severely injure someone in an automobile accident and the medical expenses exceed your policy limit. Or a guest who gets injured at your home sues you and the expenses exceed your policy limit. This is when the umbrella policy kicks in. Let’s go over some of the things to consider and help you decide if this type of policy is appropriate for you. Read the full article…

Homeowners Personal Property Coverage Limitations

When you purchase a homeowners policy, the assumption is that most of your property will be covered in the event of a loss. While this is true, there are limitations placed upon certain items.

The reality is that not all of your personal property is adequately covered under your homeowner’s policy. Some specific item categories have coverage limits. Understanding your policy limits will make sure you know which steps to take to ensure all your personal property is properly covered. Read the full article…

Auto Coverage Crash Course

Have you ever taken a look at you insurance policy? When your renewal offer comes in the mail, do you just check to make sure the price didn’t increase and then file it away in a cabinet or drawer? What are you really paying for? What will that policy do for you in the event of an accident or loss?

If you don’t take a little time to review and understand your policy, it could cost you financially. Take a few minutes to see what you are really getting in exchange for those premium payments.

Got your policy in hand? Good. Here are a few things to consider when looking it over. Read the full article…

Coverage Options You Need to Know About

When shopping for insurance, everyone wants to maximize their insurance dollars. At the same time, insurance professionals in hopes to acquire new business strive to offer potential and current clients the lowest rates. While receiving a great bargain is the goal, sometimes a few extra dollars can turn a good policy into a GREAT policy. As consumers, you need to have a good handle on what you truly value from an insurance company in terms of coverage options. Regardless of your situation, it is smart to find out about every coverage your insurance company offers and see if any is worth adding to your base plan. We will look at some of the major options insurance carriers offer and also some rationales to add them to your plan.

Read the full article…

Accidents and Your Auto Insurance Rates

Every auto insurance company has their own unique policy regarding accidents and how they affect your car insurance rate. Generally though, the criteria for a rate hike include:

  • Whether or not you were at fault
  • If you were at fault, if negligence on your part was a factor
  • Whether you received a ticket related to the accident such as speeding or running a red light

Read the full article…