Homeowners Secrets

We all have either been through a homeowners claim, know someone who has, or heard the horror stories. It’s only during these times we find out what is or is NOT covered under the policy. Not the best time to … Continued

Avoiding Tragedy

We hear it on the news daily and see the horrifying headlines. “Accident claims the lives of mother and her two children by a hit and run driver”, ” Man dies after being ejected from car window”. Remember that Insurance … Continued

Traveling out of the Country Often?

When traveling out of the country, are you aware if you are covered properly or not? Do you even know where to start? Don’t worry, most people don’t even think about their Insurance while traveling for work or even for … Continued

Tips for Mature Drivers

The headlines are riddled with lots of great ways to save money for youthful drivers but you don’t find much when it comes to mature drivers. Here are a few things to look out for to continue to receive the … Continued