Jewelry, Guns, Fine Art, Antiques

Did you know that on your homeowner’s policy you usually have a specified limit on jewelry, guns, silverware or coins? So what do you do if you have items that are worth more than the policy limit? You can add … Continued

Am I Covered if There is an Earthquake?

If you don’t choose to add earthquake coverage on your homeowner’s policy, the answer is NO!!! We are seeing more and more earthquakes these days. A lot of people believe that if there is an earthquake then they will be … Continued

Rental Car Coverage – What to Know

As an agent, one of the most common questions I get is ‘when I rent a car, do I need to purchase the insurance the company offers?’. There is really no easy answer to this question. If you have a … Continued

What Does Your Homeowners Policy Cover?

Your home Insurance has 4 parts. Coverage A – or dwelling coverage that is your house and everything permanently attached to it such as an attached porch, attached deck, sometimes it can even be a fence that is secured to … Continued

What is an SR22?

An SR22 is a financial responsibility filing required by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in some states for certain drivers. The SR22 form is a certificate submitted to the DMV from the required driver’s insurance company showing proof of … Continued

Surviving the Snow: A Few Driving Tips To Remember

Winters across the country may not all include snow, but for those places where snowmen are possible so are dangerous driving conditions. Below are a few tips to remember when dealing with icy or slippery roads.

Road Rage: Recognize, Realize, and Prevent

Road rage is a newer term given to those aggressive drivers that are increasing in numbers on the roads. We have all seen them: the tailgaters pressing a slower driver to speed up, the aggressive lane changers passing and weaving … Continued

Drive With Peace Of Mind

Every state has a minimum insurance liability requirement to operate a motor vehicle legally. Unfortunately, because it is a lengthy process to change and implement new laws, which reflect the current economy; the state minimum may not be enough to … Continued